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  • We offer a bespoke design service.
    From boutique hotels through to designing state-of-the-art lighting systems for some of the world’s most prestigious residences.

    We have an outstanding track record of collaborating with architects, interior designers, building contractors and project managers. From site visits to showroom consultations, we aim to inspire and reassure, exceeding expectations, every time.

    Too much or too little light can sabotage a dream scheme. Lighting an area changes according to the function of the room and the way it’s used. So what makes for sound, sensible and appropriate lighting? Simple. Give us as much information as

    you can about the space you’re looking to bring to life with light. Scale plans with ceiling heights, furniture layouts, task or working areas are a good place to start, supported by photographs if a site visit is not possible. With the right information, we’ll be able to tailor any scheme to your unique and specific needs.

    We’ll come to the site, get a feel for the rooms that are to be lit, and discuss and advise on everything from light styles and positioning to fixtures and fittings.

    After that, we’ll take the plans back to our showroom and mark up the lighting plot appropriately.

    When a site visit isn’t possible, we can provide a showroom consultation. Here, we’ll interrogate you (in a nice way, we promise) about your intentions, and work from architectural plans and photographs to help you realise your vision.

    If you don’t have to-scale lighting plans, drawn up by an architect, we can create them for you. Theses can then be used by your electrician as early as first fix to ensure that all power points are in the best locations.

    We believe it’s all about you. So whatever your plans, and however you’d like to make them happen, talk to us. Everything’s possible.