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    Diagora Design studio deals with industrial & interior design, graphics and project development with a particular focus on the research of innovative materials and the use of new production technologies. Attention to detail and the study of a solid concept behind each project are the characteristic elements of the studio.

    Hidden behind the alias Diagora Design is the designer Manuel Borri, who is supported by a small team of young and dynamic people. Manuel Borri was born in Genoa in 1983. After obtaining a scientific-technological diploma, in March 2006, he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Genoa in Industrial Design. Before the end of his university studies, he started working in the world of interior design as a designer and technical developer of furnishings.

    After obtaining his degree, he started to work (always as a designer and planner) in the automotive industry. This experience allowed him to travel and live abroad for a long time, furthering his studies in mechanical engineering and the use of innovative materials.

    In 2008, he left the automotive industry to engage in the world of lighting furniture, his main passion, and to work for one of the most important companies in the lighting design sector. After about six years, the acquired experience and professional growth led him to undertake a new experience: to establish the Diagora Design studio.

    Currently, Diagora Design studio collaborates with some of the most important European names in lighting and product design, for example, Axolight, for which the studio designed Necky.