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    Flos Tab Table Lamp Black B

    Your Perfect Table Lamp

    The perfect Table lamp provides focused light in a sleek, contemporary package. All Square offers a diverse collection of desk lamps to suit any work space.

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    Bocci 28cluster Thumb 2

    Statement Pendant Lights

    Some pendants are dramatic works of art. All of the contemporary pendant lights have been chosen for their good looks and quality production.

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    14s Water 542x764


    Bathroom lights to create whatever mood and ambience you’re after.

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    Amb 59 Itt 120 700 Gold Silver 2

    Outdoor Pendants

    Create a more inviting entry and a more lively outdoor entertainment area.

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    Fresnel Wall 400mm Interior Bronze 1

    Wall Lights

    Save up to 35% on designer wall lights for all areas of the house.

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    Ceiling Lights

    Ceiling lights have the ability to light up any room with fascination as well as illumination.

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    Muse Lantern Outdoor Battery 2

    Exterior Lighting

    Exterior lighting allows you to make the very most of your outdoor space.

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    Virtus 02


    Add instant drama with a new statement piece.

    G1008541 5681083c30d1f5fe Bespoke Design Service We offer a bespoke design service.
    From boutique hotels through to
    designing state-of-the-art lighting
    systems for some of the world’s
    most prestigious residences. Enquire Now >