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    Lamps 800

    Don't forget lamps!

    Configured to retrofit a wide variety of general and decorative lighting needs, our collection is equally comfortable in a lamp or on its own.

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    Mito Sospeso

    The masterpiece – perfection down to the last detail, unique in design and functionality.

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    Lsp Flos Xa6v8176 2


    Flos has been crafting ‘objects of light’ for half a century.

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    62428 Edgereader Insitu

    Wall Lights

    Save up to 35% on designer wall lights for all areas of the house.

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    We sell lighting from some of the best-known designers from around the world.

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    Ext Lights

    Exterior Lighting

    Exterior lighting allows you to make the very most of your outdoor space.

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    Astro Ariana Led Pendant Light White B Homepage


    Add instant drama with a new statement piece.

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    Our Projects

    • South Bank Tower

      South Bank Tower SE1 Type: Residential Location: South Bank Tower, London Year: 2017 Interior Designer: Studio Suss (www.studiosuss.com) Products Used:  Mito Sospeso 60 Trimless Pendant Light – Rose Gold Sento Sospeso Trimless Pendant Light – Rose Gold
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    • The Sound of Silence

      The Sound of Silence Type: Residential Location: Hyde Park, London Year: 2016 The Sound of Silence project was an extensive refurbishment of an apartment in Hyde Park, London, working with internationally renowned, London based interior designer Daniel Hopwood, specifying all...
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    • Queensway

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