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Pendant Lights

Some pendant lights are simple. Others are dramatic works of art. Others, still, exude a quiet charm. All of the contemporary pendant lights we stock have been chosen for their good looks and quality production. Hang them over dining tables and kitchen work surfaces, or create a sea of colour and intrigue in hallways. Mesmerising.

Brighten Up Any Space With Modern Pendant Lighting

Our high-quality pendant lights deliver both practicality and aesthetics. Whether you’re installing pendant lights in a home, business, office, or anywhere else, we can accommodate your project.

Modern pendant lighting will illuminate an area, creating a focal point. Modern pendant lights are fantastic for lighting up a dining table, a sofa area or a corner of a room. A pendant light can also be fitted into offices, creating a focus on a work desk or conference table. Instead of lighting up an entire room, modern pendant lights will focus on a single spot.


About Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a light fitting which hangs from the ceiling. They are usually suspended from a chain, cord or rod, bringing the light down towards eye level. They are sometimes surrounded by a shade or attachment or come in a single bulb or cluster of bulbs.

The modern pendant light is an elegant way to infuse a space with a bright, ambient glow. Pendant lights are popular in modern décor because they create a strong focal point within a home. They make a bold statement and will draw the eye to the desired area.


Styles Of Contemporary Pendant Lighting

There are many different styles of pendant lighting to suit every home. We offer a range of different shapes, materials, colour temperatures and types.

Single Pendant Lights feature a single light or shade suspended from a cord or chain. This sleek and modern design is a stylish element for any home. They are commonly fitted in a line or solo over a dining room table or kitchen island. Illuminate a room without overwhelming it.

Cluster Pendant Lights consist of multiple lights grouped together in a cluster or cascade formation. Each light is suspended from one single canopy for easy installation. This style is ideal for playing in the middle of a room or on a stairwell. They can add interest to décor and will add different layers to a space.

Pendant Chandeliers are a more traditional and decorative alternative that will add some grandeur to a home. These lighting fixtures are designed with ornate arms and crystal details suspended.

Metallic Pendant Lamps offer a soft, warm lamp and minimise any unpleasant glare. They also boost strength and flexibility and can form sleek geometric shapes.

Glass Pendant Lights are hugely popular as light diffuses through them, emitting a warming glow and creating a stunning ambience.

Flat Pendant Lighting is a unique lighting system that condenses the surface of a lamp body to offer a lightness.

Cage Pendant Lighting is a trendy design which features metal cages that surround the LED lights, giving an industrial feel.


Embracing Luxury with Pendant Lighting From The Best Companies

We offer pendant lighting that has been designed by the best in the industry. We offer pendant lighting from leading brands such as FlosContardiLuceplan and Artemide. No matter your lighting requirements, you're sure to find a solution that works best for your space.

Whether you're searching for a statement chandelier or a modern cluster design, our exclusive collection of modern pendant lights promises to brighten up any room — even when they're switched off.


Add Height To A Room With Contemporary Pendant Lighting

Modern pendant lights are ideal for rooms with medium to high ceilings as they elegantly drop down. Hallways and stairwells are perfect spots for this style of lighting because they allow for added room and can create a statement in an area with lots of foot traffic.

Another common spot to place a pendant light is above a dining room table. When choosing a size, choose a fixture that keeps the lights out of the eye line and gives you enough room to serve food and drink. If you have a rectangular table, hang a strip or multiple single pendants in a row above the table. Create a stylish, yet functional installation.


Modern Pendant Lighting from All Square Lighting

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with pendant lighting from All Square Lighting. From sleek industrial fixtures to classic chandeliers, we can help you create a warming ambience in any commercial or domestic setting.

Elevate a dining room, create a focal point on a stairwell or brighten up an office space. We work closely with architects, lighting designers, interior designs and developers to help you achieve your lighting project. Our modern lighting projects are paired with expert advice and comprehensive customer service.

To discuss your lighting project requirements with one of our experts, please get in touch with All Square Lighting on 020 7727 0606 or visit us in our lighting showroom in London.