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All Square Lighting presents a new wave of decorative and functional lighting, perfect for enhancing architectural spaces or adding a touch of elegance to any interior with Massifcentral lighting products.

Flawless Lighting Design from Massifcentral

The minimalist design and timeless aesthetic transform every Massifcentral lighting fixture into an enduring classic that maintains its value. The combination of solid mineral glass with natural gas creates a distinctive feature in their products, resembling either sparkling water or bubbly champagne depending on the light colour.


A Ground-breaking Innovation in Lighting

Massifcentral is the only manufacturer worldwide to produce homogeneous, glare-free, and dimmable project lighting that meets the highest standards (CE and UL-certified) using solid mineral glass and cutting-edge diffuser technology. Today, Massifcentral primarily utilises white glass for the pendants of its large canopy and ring chandelier, with precise colour control achieved through LED modules' colour temperature (2,450, 2,700, 2,780 Kelvin).


About Massifcentral Lighting

The Seltmann brothers' expertise in quality, reliability, and design, as well as their extensive knowledge of glass, furnaces, material technology, and electronics, stems from four generations of Upper Franconian porcelain makers.

Their innovative spirit led to the establishment of a new company in Majorca in 2009, which later relocated its headquarters and production facilities to Berlin in June 2013. Since January 2016, the manufactory has been promoting its collection under the Massifcentral brand name.

Massifcentral combine over a century of experience and tradition in porcelain making with interdisciplinary expertise in glassmaking, semiconductor technology, lighting design, specialised polishing and welding techniques, CAD design, 3D printing, and CNC milling technology – all harmoniously integrated with their passion for handmade products.

Massifcentral produces each lamp according to the precise individual requirements of their customers. Advanced production technology and high-quality engineering ensure limited capacity and guarantee an exclusive luxury product that retains its value. Maximum reduction, independence, and reliability are their key principles, which is why they design and manufacture all details, regardless of complexity, in-house.


Massifcentral Lighting Solutions from All Square Lighting

Here at All Square Lighting, we work closely with interior designers, architects, and lighting designers, to develop, plan, and execute your Massifcentral lighting project. We transform your ideas and requirements into customised and exceptional lighting concepts. Expert advice and comprehensive service are guaranteed with All Square Lighting – delivering complete lighting project solutions.

Once your specification has been drawn up, we work with Massifcentral to bring your lighting project to life. Each light is handcrafted, and unique, with meticulous planning and pre-assembly allowing Massifcentral to prepare extensive light installations for timely installation worldwide. Massifcentral’s creations are always one-of-a-kind, reflecting the diverse architectural settings and the uniqueness of their clients.

To discuss your lighting project requirements with one of our lighting experts get in touch with All Square Lighting on 020 7727 0606 or pop into our lighting showroom in London.