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Orluna are a UK-based lighting brand specialising in high-quality lighting solutions for commercial, residential and hospitality sectors. Here at All Square Lighting, we are proud to be the sole premier dealer of Orluna downlights in the UK. Additionally, we have the largest display of Orluna products in the UK at our London Showroom.

About Orluna – High-Quality Lighting Solutions

Orluna, a UK-based lighting manufacturer, specialises in high-quality lighting solutions for commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors. Their lights are renowned for outstanding performance, remarkable colour rendering, and energy-efficient operation. Orluna's cutting-edge technology enables them to produce lighting products with excellent colour consistency, accurate beam control, and an extended lifespan. The company prides itself on the quality and dependability of its lighting products, designed to meet the challenges of modern lighting design. With an extensive range of products, Orluna is dedicated to offering lighting solutions that elevate the overall ambience and aesthetic appeal of any space.


A Timeline of Orluna

Established in 1973, Orluna's mission is to deliver the finest lit effect in the world. As a British manufacturer, they have established a reputation for providing exceptional lighting solutions to experts worldwide. Their Quad 50 range of architectural downlights was an early success, celebrated by lighting designers globally.

The Origin family of downlights, uplights, and spotlights set a new standard in colour rendering, achieving a CRI of 98 and R9 of 99 for richer reds and truer whites. And in 2020, they expanded on this success with the introduction of Origin Natural, featuring a unique phosphor blend that produces unparalleled RF of 98 and RG of 100, enhancing colour and texture definition while enriching the cyan spectrum.

Orluna is committed to investing in new technologies and pioneering innovations, focusing on improving dimming, durability, and longevity. While proud of their accomplishments, they are even more excited about the future possibilities.


How to Order Orluna LED Lighting

We start by understanding your project requirements. As independent lighting consultants and suppliers, we are perfectly positioned to determine the optimal solution for you and your project. Every product is chosen and created from Orluna’s lighting range, customising each product to build an order tailored to your project requirements.

We welcome all inquiries, including those from homeowners undertaking personal projects, businesses looking to buy directly, lighting installers, and architectural and design specification companies.

The full Orluna lighting range is available to browse online or through our London lighting showroom, however, we believe the best way to supply Orluna downlights is to collaborate with the customer on building the specification before ordering, as there are too many options to create a comprehensive online purchasing solution. Contact us for a free consultation and let us quickly quote the right downlighter for your project.


Orluna at All Square Lighting – The UK’s Only Premier Dealer of Orluna Downlights

All Square Lighting serves as the UK’s only premier Orluna lighting supplier and has been a leading UK dealer to the architectural and design community for over a decade, as well as advising and supplying to the broader retail markets.

Orluna LED Technologies is the lighting designer's choice for premium LED downlighters. If you're looking for top-quality, made-to-order LED downlighters and other supporting products, we can supply the perfect solution for your project.

Browse our range of Orluna lighting products online today or in our London-based showroom, alternatively, get in touch with one of our lighting experts on 020 7727 0606 who will be more than happy to help with your Orluna lighting enquiry.